Posted Sunday, June 28, 2015 02:00 PM

ALL - and especially those who have organized Reunions - or who want to organize!

I've been thinking about the feasibilty of another Glen Rock HIgh School Reunion.  So, if any & many of you out there are intereseted in working with me to pursue the possibilities, please contact me:

   Beth Bricker


   phone:  253-222-8306

   mail:  3330 149th Street Ct E, Tacoma, WA  98446-6103


Year:  Grad/Age:  2017 (55th/73) or 2019 (57th/75) or 2022 (60th/78).  

Location:  East (most grads live there); West (just because); US Resort (whereever).

Season:  Late Spring; Early Fall; Summer...

Please let me know and I hope that our webmaster, Jim Markovic is still intereseted in continuing this great website!?

Hope you all are healthy and having fun!  I look forward to your responses.